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If you want to send a package back home or across the country while you’re staying in Japan, you may be able to send it from your accommodation. However, if they don’t offer a package delivery service, then you can head to a convenience store and do it there!

Convenience stores are located in almost every town and city in Japan, so you’re never far from one. Sending a package from a convenience store is a simple procedure, which we’ll walk you through step-by-step in this article.

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    Available services

    Understand that not all convenience stores offer a package delivery service. The delivery service the convenient store will use may vary, so it's a good idea to check ahead that they will handle your package.

    Both FamilyMart and Seven Eleven offer a package delivery service using Yamato TA-Q-BIN while Lawson and MINISTOP use Yu-Pack, a service of Japan Post.

    Yamato TA-Q-BIN

    Yamato TA-Q-BIN

    When sending your package, there are generally four different services available:

    1. Hatsubarai Takkyubin - this service means that the package has been paid for by the sender.

    2. Chakubarai Takkyubin - this service means that the package will be paid for on delivery by the recipient.

    3. Golf/Ski Takkyubin - this service is specifically for golf or ski equipment luggage delivery.

    4. Kuko Takkyubin - this service is specifically for delivery to the airport if you want your luggage to arrive ahead of you.

    It’s important to be aware that this service is only available to some airports in Japan, and their reception hours are not 24/7. Check ahead of time if it’s a suitable option for your airport and flight time.

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    Before sending packages

    Before you bundle up your package and take it along to a convenience store, it’s important to check that it meets the restrictions imposed by the package delivery service they work with. Each company has policies about what can and cannot be sent, such as the size of the package itself.

    Generally speaking, the package's height, depth and width must be lower than 1.6 meters in combined and the weight less than 25 kilograms. If it's more than that weight, you may need to look for an alternative method of sending it.

    Before sending your package, you'll also need to confirm your destination address, which can be tricky due to differences in language. To help ensure that it's correct, we recommend you use the multilingual "JAPAN TRAVEL APP" to search for the address and copy it down correctly.

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    search for the address by JAPAN TRAVEL APP

    search for the address by JAPAN TRAVEL APP

    If you’re delivering your package to an airport, then you’ll need not only the airport name (eg. Narita or Haneda) but also the terminal name/number and your flight information to ensure it’s delivered where it needs to be when you need it.

    Be aware that there is no delivery counter at Narita Airport Terminal 3, so you package will be available at the Terminal 2 arrival counter.

    Double check the rate before sending your package, which may be anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 yen, depending on its size and weight. This information is available on the company's website, so you can check before deciding which company you'd like to go with.

    It's also important to check the delivery times and date, which can range anywhere from the same day to three days or more. Same day delivery may be possible if the items are deposited at the convenience store in the morning. They might be delivered to your requested destination by the end of the day.

    Check the delivery times and the rate:

    Yamato TA-Q-BIN


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    When sending packages

    When you’re ready to send your package, simply take it the convenience store of your choice that offers the delivery service you want. Shipping reception hours are generally 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can deposit your package whenever it suits you.

    Explain to the staff that you want to use their package delivery service and they will give you a waybill to fill out. While these forms are in Japanese, they will have English labels too. Aside from writing the delivery address, you can also request a specific delivery date and time zone.

    Simply affix the waybill to your package and pay the necessary fee at the convenience store counter.

    Cash, credit cards and some electronic money services are accepted but these will differ depending on which convenience store you use. It’s best to bring cash if you have it or there may be an ATM inside the convenience store if you need.

    affix the waybill

    affix the waybill

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    After sending packages

    After you've sent your package, be sure to keep a copy of the waybill and your tracking number, which will enable you to check the delivery status.

    You might need a copy of the waybill if you're picking up your package at the airport, so keep it somewhere safe and secure so it doesn't get lost. It also acts as your receipt in case something goes wrong with your delivery and you need to chase it up.

    the tracking number

    the tracking number

    If you want to change your delivery time or date, you can do this online using the tracking number. Simply visit the relevant company's website and enter the tracking number according to the instructions.

    You'll be prompted to make changes to the delivery date and/or time that you want, provided that the package hasn't already been delivered!

    If you want to check whether the package has been delivered, you can do this online using the tracking number.

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